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Stability & True Self

To be yourself is a fundamental right as a human being by not losing ourselves in the middle of pursuing our goal, being with the loved one, and interacting with the public.  To be our true self is loyalty and profound commitment to the inner self.  As a high-awareness human being, betraying your inner self is an awful crime you want to commit. 


In reality, it is much more complicated to be yourself in public.  Sometimes, we need to consider a certain degree of consideration and tolerance before freely expressing ourselves.  On some occasions, we need to wear a different type of 'mask' to be in the event, such as your company event, a business function, a wedding, a gathering, etc.   The mask stated here doesn't imply a bad thing.  It is more like we wear different types of dress to any occasion and other status and roles we are playing in the event.  If you are the party host, you wear, speak, and act like a host, not a participant. 


In our life, we have to hold some degree of tolerance in the public's eyes.   It is easy to lose sight of your true self, not to hear the inner voice, and ignore your feelings.  The most common way your inner self tries to notify you from unconscious to conscious is through emotions.  Yet, we tend to sweep our feelings under the couch and pretend to signify maturity.  True maturity is taking these feelings as cautions, then working through the meaning behind all these feelings.  Respect the inner voice, yet control your actions through awareness and choices. 


When interacting with others, watch your behavior, think of the reactions of others, minimize the mess you can make in public, and try to pay more attention to people around you.  When solitude, take care of your thought, pay attention to yourself, your feelings, words you say to yourself, and how do your face all kinds of emotions you freezing it in public. 


Stability is maturity.  Mature always signifies stability of you alone and in public.  Stability in physic is a measurement of how likely an object is to stay in the initial position, not to be pushed, topple over, or moved.  Whereas maturity is the way, we describe a human being, how stable this person could be when facing negative emotions, stress, humiliation, and pains inflicted on him with or without his consent. 


Stability comes when the object always has a state or a center and always returns to it.  The distance that deviates from the center is the measurement of stability.  The farther the distance under the same condition, A is closest to the center than B.  Hence, A is more stable than B. Maturity is where a person can sustain stress, pressure, humiliation, praise, and still get back to who they are.  They do not lose the value they hold under all conditions happening in the outer world. 


A high-awareness person knows the values they hold.  The more stability you carry on your values makes you become a valuable person.  A car racer, for example, controls the car stability during a critical moment that makes the racer worthwhile.  Be stable as a mountain and firm as a rock towards the non-sense that is happening in the outer world.  Not every word you have to reply, not every action needs your reaction, not every situation shall change your behavior.  It just happens, and you can be an observer instated of getting in the ongoing show.  Reminds of who you are and the value you are holding on to, and if the event does not show your values, you don't react, minimize the turbulence as much as you can.  Let it passes through you, naturally.  Like a wind blowing on your face, you notice it but do not react to it.   


You remain calm, remain who you are...  no matter what happens!

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