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Awareness of your Geometry: Purpose of Life

Why we look for our purpose of life?  

1.  The true path 

'The two most important days in your life are the day you are born and

the day you find out why.' 

-Mark Twain

Purpose of life is a light house in the dark sea.  We are sailing every day and night in dark.  The light house is our true path.  The path where our best self lays, an ideal condition of us, where everything fall into the right place.  

The journey of purpose of life is a path, it is a perpetual state, with marked milestone and achievements, yet it is never end.  It is the day you reborn without physical dying.  Once you found your true identity you no longer sailing in the dark.  You begin with your life with higher level of consciousness, a new identity, and new life, new aims and new goals.  This process might seem tough in the beginning, and if you continue, it will turn out better and better exponentially.  

You may no longer blind fold with the crowd decision.  Majorities decision is not always right.  It simply represents the market interest, it is not necessary is the truth.  The crowd interest are usually composing of what a world is represent for them.  As if a brand wanted his consumer to feel luxury by owning the things, and majority is represented this way, and willing to pay of to live in the world that a brand is designed in such way.  But does it worth you to spend your life to exchange for it? Do you aware that you are spending your life to exchange for it?  

If the work you are doing right now isn't your purpose of life, then the answer would be no.  If the work you are doing is your purpose of life, and it should be the rewards of your work, not really an exchange we are talking about here.  Finding the purpose of life is a life time work, some may get it earlier, some are not.  It depends on how much effort you put it, suffering you had or have been through.  


Then, where 'final destination'? and is that some kind like heaven? The path never end, because you are the path... You, yourself as the new identity, you doing what you should do because you being who you should be.  There is not gap between who you are, and what you do.  The merging is so well and authentic until, you are the path itself.  

We may aware of some successful figure with such well integration.  You see Elon Musk, straight way you know him as the pioneer of electric car.  In your mind, the name of Elon Musk is equivalence to electric car.  The relations almost equivalence.  So it does to your purpose of life!  It shall be you! The new identity tries to live out and shine out through you devoting to the work and masterpiece.  It is a true path, because you are the true path.















2.  To be the best version of you


The better version of ourselves and live the ideal life that we ever wanted.  Life is an experience, the day you are in your death bed is the day you are tested with all your doing, unfortunately materials possession doesn't count.  Once you are in your late 50, you may start to realize that there is nothing more important than your legacy.  Physical desires are fading out and you see things clearer as you understand the meaning of mortality.  Only legacy and masterpiece last longer than your physical body.  All of your assets changed name instantly to your successor, your heir, your children etc.  

Memories of you lives with the one you loved, legacy lives with your contributions.  For example: the author of 'The 7 habits of high effective people', Stephen R. Covey, and one of the greatest psychiatrist in the world still benefits to human grown until nowadays.  We still gain a lot of insights from their works in their life time.  If one would spend all his or her time looking for the materials possession from outer world, one shall first find the treasure inside him or her, which is the best version of you.  Once you have that, you in your most potential level to possess everything you would ever wanted.  

Let's put it in this way.  If one person with its maximum talent, hard work, capacity and capability, he could have let's say the total of 10 million in his life.  If he is in the best version of his or her self isn't he has the most potential to get the 10 million?  As if he works so hard on the wrong path, and the maximum capability only go for 2 million instead of 10.  

If we can not do what we can not do, that is no problem!  But if you don't do what you can do, that's is an issue.  - Sadhguru 

It is so true and it is one of the main reason we have peer stress.  It is a natural feeling to push oneself forward.  The successful and social status of your peers could instantly reflects some voices telling you that : 'hey, he can, why you can't, you both has not much different in resources though, what's wrong with you?.'  which implies that you can do what he can do, you are the issue.  The environment putting pressure to push human beings to do their best similar with the standards around them.  So that entire human race continue evolves.  

Finding the purpose of life that you know yourself so well, that there is nothing as such could affects your emotion, because you know what you are in the best path of yourself.  You know that this is not permanent state, you are moving forwards, remember you are the path.  The stress only in our brain tries to awake someone who not yet on his right path.  Yet you can't lie to yourself once the light is off and you laying on your bed.  

Embrace your true self, the best version of yourself, by looking the purpose in your life.  Liberating yourself from the rules from social, parents, culture, knowledge, peers, gender and etc. to be gain the true freedom.  Those rules in your head, that you picked up in your your childhood should be recalibrated.  So the perspective of you seeing the world shifting.  Rules can be made by fool, by unawaken people, the limitation a fool set is not going to define your worthiness of living ! 

'Every time a value is born, existence takes on new meaning;

every time one dies, some part of that meaning passes away.'

- Joseph Wood Krutch

Each time of reborn, you are one step closer to your best self.  Each time the reborn, the world open up wider for you.  You feel lighter, brighter, and every things will start to fall into the right place.  

Get a new goal, new plan, new working environment, new shirt suit your new identity, new hair cut, new way to talk, new habit, new position of your desk, meet new friends that would let your new identity to live. Every time your old self dies, your new self find more meaning of its existence.  And you are one step closer to your purpose of life, the true path.  You just have to trust it and take a leap of faith.

3.  It Is Your Virtual ID



Your identity determines what you do; what you do becomes your signature.

What else we could have done in our past ten years? What we might change in our past decade? Maybe less of the time play, less time to spend with wrong people, more effort in pursuing what we desire for and etc. 

Putting work in the first place make your life meaningless if you do not aware of what yo do.  Putting work in your first place make your life worthy and meaningful if you are doing what you suppose to do.  Same job title, same job scope, but entire different meaning.  The work that choose to be done finally become who we are, it is not about the job title itself, but the the way we do the job makes the different.  

Successful means a lot to youngster, and to society.  We desire to make something stunning, impactful, famous and wealth all comes along.  That's a great life ! Everybody wants that.  But the very least of us could defines what is successful mean.  How could someone be successful if he doesn't even know how to define it.  If you don't what you are looking for, how could you find it? Needless to say, even you know it is yet there is still some chances you couldn't find it.  

How long for oneself spend his life in working?  8 hours per working day, 40 hours per week, for 40 years, that would be roughly 83,200 thousand hours of life.  If it isn't the work that he or she meant to do, how could she excel in his or her work?  We are all in.  We use our life to trade for the cost of living.  Since you going to spend it anyway, why don't you do it by alignment it to your purpose of life? We are the most intelligent creatures on the planet and only we can do that.  Why waste that? and giving it up its true freedom and gift to be a human being.  

We are free to go, yet we choose to stay.  For worse you don't even know you choose to stay.  You stay because you never think of other possible way you could go.  Being conscious means you have to make your choice.  Take all responsible in your life in every aspect, take control over your life.   It might be overwhelming in the beginning, especially when you learnt the truth of every miserable thing happens to you as an adult is because you are part of the wrong doing.   It is not necessary all is come from you, sometimes you reflecting the wrong values of yourself, and hence, other react accordingly.  Take all the responsible on your shoulder, it is worth in long run.  It is your life ! What else could it be matter more than your life? 


The cost of being cowardice simply is the cost you least likely to pay.  The meme of the movie 'The Saw' sounds right in here.  Life is telling you: ' I want to play a game, make your choice.'

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