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Life Geometry

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Life Geometry is a life blue print, it shape our fate, our relationship with others, and our perception to see the world.  Unlock the geometry, an individual has more understanding of its pattern, habit, structure, relationship, and its expression to the world.  By understand this, life is no longer control by outer, the geometry could be build, compress, trimmed with one's own will, determination, action, plan, learning and experience.  A patter of each action relates to its consequences of crystal growth.  The existence of geometry, it shape patter and thinking seems to be another powerful person living inside us.  Some people who notice the existence may called it in various names: higher self, godly image, subconscious mind, inner self, giant within us, sacred self, consciousness, awareness, third eyes and etc.  Some people may not notice the existence might suffering from the outer world reflection and see the result coming back as fate. 

The sacred geometry more like a blue print to a person like a fundamental shape of a geometry.  Here by I called it a fundamental of geometry.  It is like a seed inside us waited for us to growth, to feed, and to trim it into the right form.  These process form a consolidation of geometry under one's daily experience.  The shape continuous shifting, and firing through interaction, action, and self acceptance like a brain wave with certain frequency.  It could be easily observed with pure heart and clam mind.  The more notices of the geometry, acknowledgement, attention, calmness, stillness, and peaceful, the stronger it grows.  The stronger it grows the more powerful it is.  It's then become the extension of geometry to change the world.   But yet, it must first start within oneself.  










How strong it could be?  The strong influence may go far more beyond the physical body.  An influence of the large group of people with their thought, direction, and express through speech.  It goes beyond space and time.  A powerful speech may be one of the fastest way of visible, sensible, expression of thought through words to interact with another person geometry.  Action or creation is another form.  The extension of geometry usually can be felt by others.  Other may perception that person as an Alpha, leader, or a person you tends to listen and follow him/ her.   












A fate is an action and reaction of our understand between one's life geometry towards the world.  From my personal experience, when I am in my deep meditation, it serves like a tunnel, with visualized as a Mandala structures, a complex structure, vivid colour, colourful, reflective shine glass,  moving and rotation in certain speed within its center, and it is foldable.  More like a unrealistic reality.   The closest description is visual seen through Kaleidoscope.  Sometimes it seems like a living cells, moving has it own heart beat, changing colour, and shape, unfolding layer by layer, like the petals of rose flower.  It is out of my capability to draw it out.



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Fate is a action and reaction of the geometry to the outer world.  Think about that, deeply and frequently,  one may have the realization of some event repetitively happen in ones life.  The chain could be broken after awareness and realization.  Each type of geometry attract and repulse like a pole of magnet towards things happens around them.  Unchanged geometry attract and repulse unchanged event.  One it happens second time, our brain nerve consolidate, to react the same way as the first time.  Hence, it repeat again and again.  

Most of the changes start with pain.  When pain inflicted from others, brains triggered fight, or flee.  The reaction may change one's geometry patterns.  So, no pain, no gain.  Pain is a passive learning and changing process.  Meditation, self-reflection, reading are activities of active learning and changing process of geometry.


This work is with the purpose of bring more of the unconscious to conscious of a being.  Some of the work may be limited to own personal experience and thinking.  But with all my heart, I want to make this work as the calling of universe.  I hope you enjoy this.










In brief, introduction of entire work are: 

(i) Awareness of fundamental geometry

(ii) Consolidation of geometry

(iii) Extension of geometry

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