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Life Geometry

In brief, introduction of entire work are: 

(i) Awareness of fundamental geometry

  • Awareness is game changer 

  • Unfold Purpose of one's life with identity

  • The true self and the spark

  • Your inner child and healing work

  • Killing the rotten self and healing work

  • Submit yourself, art of letting go 

  • Silence

  • Meeting your highest self

  • Transcending, the subconscious to conscious 

  • Defining your own fate

(ii) Consolidation of geometry​  

  • Experiences like memory data, where you store your experiences and repeat take it out as the reference for your future.

  • Your inner child

  • Undead Emotion is a loop and a jail 

  • Liberation of knowledge, and past experience 

  • Relationship of habit and new identity 

  • Discipline and decision brunches

  • New you live through your purpose

  • Consolidating work with your purpose 

  • Process of state of mind/ background

  • Process of finding the right direction

  • Process of decision making & neurons responding to rewards and pain 

  • Process of self prophecy.  If ... then... is equal 

  • Process of consolidation, unshakable fact of your past experience

(iii) Extension of geometry

  • Alive geometry extend like braches of a tree, it reproduce, it extending its root

  • Life is a full circle, to live out, you need support of others. Hence, contribution is the key for survive

  • Heroic self

  • Align with mother nature. 

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