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Humanity. Human Behaviour. 

The One True Path: 
The Light of Pen
- by Dr. Avery Chong
6th May, 2022

Summary. Start to know yourself better? Struggle to figure out the meaning of life, what is the meaningful activity to engage with? Here are some tips.  Start by looking for the Light of Pen in your life.  It is symbolic, like a weapon you want to have in your hand through the journey of your life towards the divine source. 

Fountain pen

One night, I read about a paragraph in the book of '12 rules of life' by Jordan Peterson.   In the coda, he mentioned the 'light of pen', a pen with LED light, and he now could write in the dark. He stated: 'We're all in the dark, after all, much of time. We could all use something written with light to guide us along our way.' 

The idea of Light of Pen, metaphorically, stuck in my head too. Perhaps, I am a massive fan of fountain pens, exquisite fountain pens and painting brushes. I used to imagine I had either one in my hands since I was young.  I go deeper in that, metaphysically, something symbolic about my idea to my brushes and pen.  So I come to the concept of weapons we need to carry in a game.  Especially in a survival game, we all have to carry a deadly weapon in our hands to get through the levels.  The symbolism of what holding in our hands are the weapons we want to carry in this life. The idea of what weapons we need to carry in one's life represents a more profound meaning. 

A professional cameraman carries his camera and practice and shoots for very long hours per day because practice makes perfect.  From amateur to skilful, we need training and practice.  Until the point that we forget a camera is a tool, we perceive it as an extension of our hands and brain.  Until we are exceptional, we need obsession.  

Obsession is where we get from good to great, where our work gets extraordinary.  Obsession is something that can not be motivated or stop it.  You make it the core of your life.  That's an obsession.  Once again, to be skilful is where you forget the relation of your hand with the tool. It is an extension.  Excellent is where you forget the relation of you to the results. There is no gap in between.  That is an obsession. You forget about not your hand; you forget about yourself.  No wonder, and no wonder they called it timeless and spaceless when you fully concentrate.  It is also selfless.  It is not easy to notice because you are entirely into something you enjoy. You seem in cosmic experience, I would say.  

So, back to the topic.  The question is, what is your weapon of life?  Your weapon of life will get you through all the difficulties in life, through the darkness, through survival.  Recall that feeling.  If you are in the moment, you want to learn something new, start to understand how to operate it, practice until you forget it is a tool, and until it can fluently express what you think without any barrier.  Notice such feeling, and it is necessary, but it is also meaningful.  

Find more time and activities, so you can stay in that atmosphere as long as possible without affecting your lifestyle or health.  You will see the light through the particular activity you engage with, and sooner, you will understand that you are the light.


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