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Nature is Wisdom
It is the answer for all 

Abstract:  The article mentioned about what is the truth, wisdom.  And the brief awakening process of almost all of us are from pain and observation.  Because the answer are in the nature.  We already known the answer.  An awakening process could happen through any window and each window are different from another person.  The key is not the window but paying attention to the nature.  

Wisdom comes from self-realization.

Realization comes from awakening.

Awakening comes from observation.

Observation comes from paying attention.

Paying attention comes from solitude.

Solitude comes from seeking for answer.

Seeking for answer comes from a lesson.

Lesson comes from lost. Lost comes from pain.

Pain comes from not heading to our purpose.

Purpose of life comes form the reason of existence.

Reason of existence comes perception

Perception comes from soul.

Soul comes from nature.

Nature is the answer for all.

Nature is wisdom

Each of us experienced or may experienced spiritual awakening through a different process. Through observation of life, some people seek the purpose of human existence, the connection to the inspiration of music, philosophy, religion, serving others, and self-understanding. If you pay attention to nature, everything you observe, and every answer you are looking for, nature is the solution and answer for all. 



We are not in the universe, we are universe, an intrinsic part of it. Ultimately you are not a person but a focal point where the universe has become conscious of itself. 

– Eckhart Tolle.



The fact is that we are not in a universe. We are the universe itself. Metaphorically, if the universe is an ocean, we are one drop of the ocean. Our quality has no different from the ultimate intelligence. We are not looking for an answer or the purpose of life. We are in the process of revealing the answer. The degree of uncovering the answers is the degree of consciousness of an individual, from unconscious to conscious. Everything we need to know is already known. The answer is always there.


Let's take the example of gravitation law. The gravitational law is always there, before or after Newtons discover it. Newton already knew it through feeling, senses, and logical thinking; therefore, he set a logical experiment to test the 'knowing', which we call hypothesis in science. Throughout testing is just a validation of the knowledge is the Truth in the physical world. If it is the Truth, it could be tested thousand times with validated results. 



The Truth is not a believe, or superstition. A Truth has been put to the test by hundreds of thousands of people and has been found to be the Truth exactly in proportion to the usefulness of the apparatus which they used.'

- Charles F. Haanel.


Wisdom is an essence extracted from life and part of the Truth. Science is numerical data extracted from physical life, which is also part of the Truth.  The Truth is not an answer rather a perception that one could see things as it is without added personal perception or desire to twisted the reality. 


In conclusion, the truth can not be created, it can only be discovered.  Pay attention in your life, the truth will be discovered. Nature is the answer of all.  We are all part of nature. We are the answer. Wisdom is an knowing these are the truth. 

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