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It has a night, that I've been sitting there and looking back to my life.  The life is full of missing pieces that waited to be filled and some work out like a loop in my life, like a cycle of economy.  Suddenly I've realized that I have been a loop.  Like a maze, and I keep turning back to the original point even with different route.  At that moment, I do realized that I am trapped and i am aware that I am trapped in the same loop.  At the moment of realization, the trap start to broken.  

The brain muscle, at the back of my eyes, near the back of my head, start to contracting.  Like a small heart beat, and I can feel it.  After since, I can understand things differently, with another perspective, bigger picture thinker, and understand life more than I ever did.  The fear of lucid dream, the fear in commitment, and the urge to follow the crowd have gone.  

I have a promised few years before this happen.  If I could have solve the problem of me, with granted either extra knowledge, sensation, realization or awaken, I will be the medium, to spread it out for good.  I do agree good things shall spread out, so those who are struggling, would have some ideas what they will been through.  In the meantime, when am healing from my past wound, I do wish, someone will explain all these to me.  These are the main reasons I started this website.  So, I treat it as a book of my life work.  

The Meaning of Life Geometry... 

So, let me just start with the title of the website.  The title  is life geometry.  It is a genetic of a person, a unique bar code of you, your identity for you live in this world, this time, and this location.  In the book of '5 a.m. club' it also mentioned by author Robin Sharma as such: 

'There is no person on this planet today those unique stacks of gifts that you have.  Actually in all of the history, there's never been one person exactly like you.  And there will never be.' 

This is how special you are.  Maybe no one has ever tell you this, maybe someone else told you this before.  But, did you ever acknowledge this undisputable fact?  Truly accepting, acknowledging who you are, and working to the highest form yourself that you could be.  I wish the younger me know that, I wish everyone in this world know that.  It is as important as drinking water.  You must know your original life geometry. 

By knowing this, every possible of your life will open up for you.  You're now on the path to be conscious and awaken.  'Be yourself, everyone else is already taken' - Oscar Wilde.  Self mastery is next stage, to work on the personal mastery, and then eventually leading you to outer reality success.  

Hence, I treat this website, as the life time project, to completing the promise I've made to myself.  The path understand the life geometry, awaken self highest form, influence and winning.  To working toward this path, you will be solitude, healing, transforming.  The old you must die in reborn process.  Your responsible is to let your old self die, and new self live through you, with the focus on your true life purpose, and expanding to outer world.  



Image by Adam Jícha
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